Weather Policy

  It is our goal to provide fun and successful events at a fair value. Outdoor fields are a great place to play Bubble Ball. The only drawback is when the weather is less than ideal.   To avoid any confusion and miscommunication, our weather policy is as follows:  

If the weather looks like it could be an issue, we will contact you approximately 2-3 hours before the event. Together we will look at the forecast and satellite radar to come up with a plan.   If at that point we decide to postpone the event, your deposit will be available for use up to one year after the original event date.  If we decide to go ahead with the booking, the deposit will be considered spent. Upon arrival at the field, we will re-assess the weather and field conditions. Before set up begins, we will require payment in full and there are no refunds*. For multiple hour events we will charge up to the next full hour.   Example: if you book us for 2 hours and we only play for half an hour before the weather or field conditions require us to stop, we will only charge you for 1 hour total. If we play for 1.5 hours you will be charged for the full 2hours.  Any unused full hours will be refunded. The decision to stop play is the sole decision of River City Bubble Ball staff.  

 Here is how the weather and field conditions affect Bubble Ball: Drizzle/light rain - play can most likely continue Moderate rain - see field conditions Heavy rain/ lightning- play will stop immediately  Wind - at 40km/hr or more can be problematic depending on location. (Some extra precautions are asked of participants on windy days) Field Conditions: grass must be reasonably dry and intact (no large mud patches or excessive animal excrement). As soon as bubbles start to become soiled or begin to tear up the field all play will stop.